Our Champion

His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan
“Real victories are those that protect human lives.”
HM King Hussein Bin Talal


The dream of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center began with His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal. This extraordinary man and much-loved leader fought a public battle with cancer in the same way as he lived his life: with great faith, courage and dignity. He strived to erase the stigma associated with cancer and to break all taboos associated with the disease. Few can forget his historic appearance at the Wye River Accords, standing without his traditional headdress, plainly displaying to all the effects of his cancer treatment. On a daily basis, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center continue to uphold King Hussein’s mission and vision, fighting the stigma of cancer and providing cancer patients in the region with internationally accredited quality cancer care as well as  the hope for a cure.

مقابلة الملك الراحل الحسين بن طلال

  • Our people are our most valuable asset.
  • All what we hope for is that a day will come, when we have all gone, when people will say that this man has tried, and his family tried. This is all there is to seek in this world.
  • What does man seek in this world? A position or a throne? Man seeks peace of mind and the fear of Almighty God.As long as one knows that there is a judgment day, he tries to keep his conscience clear and to serve and do what he can.
  • My life belongs to my people and I am doing my utmost so that the coming generations will have better living conditions than ours.
  • It is my firm belief that I have a link with the past and a responsibility to the future. I cannot give up. I cannot despair. There is a whole future, generations to come. I have to keep trying.
  • I have great love for my people. Without them, I would be of no significance.
Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah

The vision and leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein have been a cornerstone of the growth and success of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center over the last twenty years. Since his appointment of HRH Princess Ghida Talal as the Chairperson of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center in 2001, King Abdullah has been the organization’s most dedicated and steadfast supporter. From His Majesty’s visits to the Center on several occasions, to personally fulfilling the wishes of child cancer patients to bestowing such distinguished awards as the Medal of Independence to KHCF and KHCC, King Abdullah stands as a truly devoted patron of the Foundation and Center’s lifesaving mission. 

عيدية الملك...شاركونا أيضا في رسم بسمة فرح على وجوه أطفالنا

  • The Arab World is writing a new future; the pen is in our own hands.
  • Together, we can create a world in which peace is real; in which every human being can thrive; in which all share the promise of our century. I believe we can succeed.
  • The incentive that you give to your youth is going to be the make-or-break future of the country.